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A Foundation in Vascular Anomalies Courses Offered

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Learners are encouraged to purchase 1-year of access to the full 16-course Foundations in Vascular Anomalies series for a broad-spectrum overview of the latest in the field. Purchasing the series grants learners access to all 16 courses for one-year from the date of purchase, allowing learners to complete the courses at their leisure within the 1-year access period, earning 1 CME credit per course completed. Upon completion of the entire 16 course series within the 1-year access period, learners will be issued a certificate for 16 total CME credits.


  • Includes 16 courses for a total of 16 CME
  • For each course, learners must complete all course material, as well as the post-course assessment and course evaluation
  • Learners must pass the post-course assessment with a score of at least 70%, and may take the quiz multiple times if needed
  • Certificates will be issued ONLY after all 16 courses, assessments, and course evaluations are successfully completed
  • Learners have 1 year from the date of purchase to complete all course material
  • No partial credit will be issued for learners who fail to complete all 16 courses