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2 July

John G. Pappas

Dr. John G. Pappas, is a graduate of the University of Athens Medical School, Greece. He was trained in Pediatrics at Beth Israel Medical Center, NY and in Clinical Genetics at Mt. Sinai Hospital, NY. Post-training, Dr. Pappas was a clinical genetics consultant at Beth Israel Medical Center, NY. Dr. Pappas is currently (since 2001) the Director of NYU Clinical Genetic Services in the Department of Pediatrics , NYU Langone Medical Center.

Dr. Pappas teaches clinical genetics to the first- and third-year medical students in the NYU School of Medicine. He is an active clinician with daily outpatient and inpatient consultations. His academic interests include unusual presentations of genetic syndromes, genomic microdeletions and microduplications, overgrowth syndromes, and vascular abnormalities.